Does support Bcash aka "bitcoin cash/BCC/BCH"? has no plans to offer in-wallet support for the fork of bitcoin known as Bcash (or “bitcoin cash”). This will not impact your actual bitcoin balance in any way. Bcash is a separate hard fork of bitcoin and doesn’t have any real impact on bitcoin itself.

We do not offer any level of support with other wallets and we are unable to assist you with instructions on how to redeem Bcash. With that said the wallet allows you to maintain 100% control over your funds. You can use your backup phrase to restore your funds in any other HD-compatible (BIP39/BIP44) bitcoin wallet. To backup your wallet simply follow these instructions:

Other wallets may offer Bcash support. If their wallets are also BIP39/BIP44 compatible then your backup phrase should work. Again, we cannot offer support for these other wallet services, and we are unable to assist with questions directly related to Bcash/“bitcoin cash”.

Our official statement regarding Bcash can be found here:

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