How to exchange ethereum and bitcoin within your Blockchain wallet


Exchanging bitcoin and ethereum is now available for some users in parts of the world. If you live in a participating area then you will see an Exchange section listed in your wallet Dashboard. Clicking on this option will bring up the following menu:


You can exchange bitcoin to ethereum or ethereum to bitcoin. Click on Exchange From: to select which you want to exchange funds from. The To: option will automatically select the cryptocurrency opposite what you selected. Enter in the amount of bitcoin or ethereum you want to exchange from, and then the amount of the other cryptocurrency you will receive will automatically be filled in. Click Next to continue.


The confirmation page shows all the details of your exchange. After reviewing this information, and agreeing to Shapeshift's terms and conditions, click Confirm.


The exchange is now processing! Please allow up to two hours for your order to complete. If you experience any issues with this transaction and need to contact our support team, then please be sure to reference your Order ID number.

Order history of all exchanges is also displayed within the Exchange section of your wallet.


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