Exchanging bitcoin cash (BCH) for bitcoin (BTC) or ethereum (ETH)

Please note: Bitcoin cash (BCH) can only be exchanged for bitcoin (BTC) or ethereum (ETH) within the Blockchain wallet. You will not be able to exchange ETH or BTC for BCH.

Users with bitcoin cash (BCH) in their wallet will be able to exchange them for bitcoin (BTC) or ethereum (ETH) via our Shapeshift integration. If your wallet holds BCH then you can access the exchange from Settings by clicking on Exchange Bitcoin Cash next to the BCH account with funds.


Clicking on Exchange Bitcoin Cash will bring you to the exchange screen. The full amount of BCH you can exchange (up to €500 per transaction) will auto-fill. The amount of bitcoin you will receive in the exchange is displayed on the right. You can choose what to exchange the BCH to - either BTC or ETH.


Click on Next and you will be taken to the exchange order confirmation page. Please review all of the information displayed, agree to Shapeshift's terms and conditions, and then click Confirm to complete the exchange.



That's it! You will now see your exchange is in progress. These can take up to two hours to complete.


If you ever need to view current or past exchange details then simply click on the BCH account. You'll be able to see all BCH transactions that have taken place, as well as all Shapeshift exchange statuses.



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