How can I receive funds to my Blockchain wallet?

Your Wallet will generate a unique bitcoin and bitcoin cash address each time you receive funds, whereas your addresses for all other currencies will remain the same for every request.

Request Using an Address
To request funds using an address, simply press Request at the top of your wallet. In the currency dropdown, select which digital asset you’d like to request.

For each currency you will see an address appear with the option to show a QR code. Then, you can copy the address to your clipboard and share it with the sender or have them scan your QR code.

Generate a Bitcoin Payment Request for a Specific Amount
If you are looking to request a specific amount of bitcoin, you can generate a payment request link to share with the sender.

Navigate to the request screen and select bitcoin from the currency dropdown. You’ll see the payment request form at the bottom of the screen. Simply fill out the form and press Next. You can then copy the link and share it with the person from whom you are requesting funds.

Please note: shareable payment request links can only be made when requesting bitcoin. 

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