The following options can be customized from Settings -> Preferences. 

Wallet Language

This is where you can set a language preference for your wallet.

Local Currency

This option allows you to select a local currency of choice from a dropdown menu. Your wallet balance is always stored in bitcoin, and you can view your total balance in bitcoin (or whatever bitcoin unit of measurement you choose) in the upper right of your wallet.

Directly below the bitcoin value, you'll see the value of your wallet balance in the local currency of your choosing. By default, it's set to US Dollars. 

Bitcoin Unit 

This setting will allow you to choose what bitcoin unit of measurement to display your total wallet balance in. You have the option of:

  • Bitcoin or BTC (1 BTC)
  • millibits or mBTC (.001 BTC)
  • bits or μBTC (.000001 BTC)


Enabling this setting means you'll receive a notification whenever you receive bitcoins. You can choose to receive notifications by email, by SMS, or both. Only labeled addresses and imported addresses are eligible to trigger notifications. By default, email and SMS notifications are disabled.


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