Requesting Bitcoin


The Blockchain wallet will generate a unique bitcoin address each time you want to receive funds. This enhances the privacy of your wallet balance, and transaction history. To quickly generate and copy a bitcoin address to your clipboard simply click on the clipboard to the right of Request.

You can find imported addresses via Settings -> Addresses -> Imported Addresses. Read more about managing your addresses here


To request a bitcoin address for receiving funds simply press Request at the top of your wallet. The following will be displayed:


If you only need to share the bitcoin address with another user then simply press Copy to the right of the bitcoin address displayed, and this address will be copied to your clipboard. If you have multiple fund categories set up within your wallet, then you can choose which one you would like to receive the funds to from the Receive To: drop down menu.

You can also generate a QR code for the receiving address by pressing View QR Code



Once the address has received funds, a new address will be displayed the next time you click Request

Generate a payment request for a specific amount


If you are requesting a specific amount, then you can generate a request link to share with the person sending you funds. Simply fill out the form and press Next.


Press Copy Link to copy the generated link. This link can be shared with the person you are requesting funds from.

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