Verify Your Email

The Security section of your wallet was designed to simplify the process of protecting your wallet. The first step is to make sure you verify your email address. Once you sign up for a Wallet, you should receive an email from (we previously used with the subject Please Verify Your Email Address. You can verify your email by clicking the button within the email, or you can verify your email later from within the Security section. There, you can request a verification code to be sent to your email, or you can change the email address associated with your wallet. If you haven't verified your email, click on Resend Email. This will resend the original email, with the subject Please Verify Your Email Address.

Your verification email includes your wallet identifier, or wallet ID, which you’ll need later to sign back into your wallet. Make sure you have this information stored somewhere safe. Do not share your wallet ID with others.

Once you have verified your email, it will be used to authorize logins, send payment notifications, and notify you of wallet updates. Whenever you log into your wallet from a different device or IP address, you'll be prompted to verify the login via an authorization email. If you ever need to change your email address, simply go back to the Security section of your wallet and click on Change Email. Please note that it will not change the email address you use to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies.

Next Step: Two-Step Verification.

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