How do I make a wallet backup?

One of the most important steps you can take to secure your wallet is writing down your Backup Phrase. It contains all the private keys in your wallet, allowing you (or anyone who has it) to restore your wallet and access your funds. Since this is meant for your eyes only, write down your Backup Phrase (also known as your recovery phrase) and keep it somewhere safe offline.

  1. Navigate to your Security Center. Backup Phrase will be the third section, at the bottom. You can choose to print the backup sheet template we created, or use your own.
  2. Click Backup Funds to begin writing down your phrase. Each screen will show you 4 words at a time. Ensure you write them exactly as they appear and in the proper order. Click Next 4 Words to continue until you’ve written all 12 words down.
  3. Click Finish & Verify once you’ve written down all 12 words. You will be asked to type in a random selection of four of your backup words to verify it has been written down correctly.
  4. Click Confirm. Congrats, your wallet is now backed up!

Bookmark this link in case you ever need to restore access to your wallet with your backup phrase. Make sure to never enter your backup phrase on any other website or share it with anyone.

Recovering Funds from Imported Addresses

Funds from your imported addresses are not backed up by your backup phrase. To ensure they are backed up, you will need to transfer these funds directly into your wallet.

Looking for a more in-depth tutorial on how to complete your Security Center? Take a look at our complete guide here.

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