Advanced Security

This section contains information about the advanced security settings in your wallet. Do not modify these settings unless you fully understand them and are an experienced bitcoin user.

Activity Logging

With activity logging, you'll be able to record wallet activity and display it in your activity feed. This is disabled by default.

Login IP Restriction

Only allow a login from IP addresses in the whitelist. If you do not have a static IP address, enabling this may lock you out of your wallet.

IP Whitelist

This will allow a login without email verification from the following list of comma-separated IP addresses. Use % as a wildcard. To use this option, you'll need to have a verified email address.

Wallet Access via Tor

If you are not familiar with Tor and have no interest in using it, we strongly encourage you to enable this option by clicking on Block to the right. This will prevent Tor network IP addresses from trying to access your wallet. 

Active Tor users can access their wallet from Tor via https://blockchainbdgpzk.onion/.

Password stretching (PBKDF2)

This increases the difficulty of discovering your password using a brute-force attack. Keep in mind that increasing the default number (5000) will slow down the loading and saving of your wallet. 

API Access

To use our API and enable API access with your wallet, you can read over our documentation and request a key here.

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