How do I create a buy trade?

Our Unocoin integration is temporarily disabled for necessary maintenance. This means users in India will be unable to buy or sell bitcoin at this time. Status updates on this will be provided on @AskBlockchain as soon as they are available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

First, you will need to setup your account by verifying your email address and accepting the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Next, you will need to submit some basic information like your name, address, and bank account information, along with documents to verify your identity. You will only need to do this once! Identity verification may take up to a few days. Unocoin will send you an SMS when your account is verified and ready to go.

To purchase, start by entering the amount of INR you would like to spend. Your daily limits will show here. If you enter an amount outside of the allowed limits, an error message will tell you how to adjust the purchase value. The current price per bitcoin will be displayed along with the estimated amount of bitcoin you will receive. Once you’re ready to go, click Buy Bitcoin.

Next, follow the instructions to complete the bank transfer using the same bank account that you created your account with. After setting up the transfer, make sure you come back to your wallet to enter the bank transfer reference number. Please note you will not be able to create a second purchase until your previous one is complete. That’s it! Once Unocoin has received the funds from your transfer along with the reference number, your bitcoin will be on its way to your wallet!

The exact length of time a transaction takes to complete varies. You can always check the status of an order in your Order History. You’re all done, congrats!

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