I am not receiving my authorization email

When you verify your email address, a recommended security measure, you impose an additional layer of security onto your wallet.

How it works

You can verify your email in the Security section of your wallet. This article walks you through the steps.

After you’ve verified your email, your login steps will proceed as follows:

  1. Input your wallet identifier and password on the Login Page
  2. You should see a yellow banner in the top right-hand corner of your screen asking you to check your email.
  3. Log into your verified email account using a new browser tab or mail client program. You should have a new email from Blockchain.com (no-reply@blockchain.info or notify@wallet-tx.blockchain.com) with a button to authorize the login attempt.
  4. Clicking on it will open a new tab in your browser with a “Success!” message. At this point, you can return to the original tab where you had entered your wallet ID and password.
  5. Input any 2FA you may have set up and log into your wallet.

What if I’m not receiving any emails?

First, give it a few minutes. Occasionally, emails can be delayed by as much as 5 minutes. If after 5 minutes you still have not received your authorization email, check your spam folder and filter settings. To prevent your emails getting filtered out, add no-reply@blockchain.info andnotify@wallet-tx.blockchain.com as contacts.

If your email is still nowhere to be found, contact your email provider and make sure they’re not blocking our domain or having a system-wide issue with email reception from other domains.

If you have checked with your email provider and verified that our emails are not being blocked and you still have not received your authorization email, please contact our support team so that we can investigate the issue and help you regain access to your wallet.

If you require urgent access to your funds and are not receiving your authorization emails, you can always use your 12-word backup (recovery) phrase to restore your funds in a new wallet, here: https://login.blockchain.com/#/recover. Please note that imported addresses are not backed up by the backup phrase and will not be restored.

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