How long does it take to complete an exchange?

Blockchain’s cryptocurrency exchange is designed to complete your exchange transaction as quickly as possible. However, the time it takes for your exchange to complete may vary based on network conditions.

For instance, if you are exchanging BTC for ETH and the BTC network is experiencing congestion, spikes in usage, or other issues, it make take extra time for your BTC to be received and exchanged. Similarly, if transactions on the ETH network were experiencing delays, it could take longer for you to receive the ETH after it is sent to you.

You can keep track of the progress of your exchange order in your Order History tab. For more information on order statuses, please see this article.

Please be advised that Blockchain has no control over cryptocurrency transaction times or confirmations. However, if your order has been In Progress for more than two hours, please contact us for a status update.

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