What is a Facial Check?

The Facial Similarity Check (Photo/Video) is an ID verification method that requires you to capture your likeness in a photo or video. That photo or video is then compared with the most recent identity documents you’ve submitted to us. Machine learning software is used to compare the images and data extracted from ID documents with the facial check. There are two facial check types: photo (selfie) and video.

How does a Facial Check work with the Blockchain.com Wallet?

After you fill in your personal information and submit an ID document, the next step is the Facial Check. Depending on your device and browser, you’ll be asked to complete a photo or video check. The video facial check will require you to repeat numbers aloud and perform a random sequence of movements. Please read all notifications in this step and follow these guidelines:  

Facial Check Tips:

  • Position your face in the oval.
  • Make sure your face is clearly visible inside the oval.
  • Choose an area or room that is bright and well-lit.
  • Allow the facial verification application to access your device camera and microphone.
  • For video, speak loud and clear when repeating numbers that appear on your screen.
  • If you wear glasses in your ID document, wear them for your photo or video too.

 After completing the Facial Check step, click Submit or Re-take Selfie. Your verification request will be checked automatically or manually. If there is an issue with your photo or video, you’ll be asked to repeat the ID verification process.

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