Remembering the xPub

Lockbox devices are experiencing inconsistent connection with the Blockchain web wallet. Some functionality, such as setup, managing applications, and sending funds from the device is affected. Funds can still be received and are backed up by the 24-word recovery phrase. Updates will be communicated when the issue is resolved.

Once your Lockbox has been set up for the first time, your Blockchain web wallet will remember your Lockbox’s xPub by default.

What does this mean?

The xPub is the source a wallet uses to derive addresses that you use for receiving funds. Once your Lockbox has been connected to a Blockchain web wallet, you’ll still be able to view and monitor your Lockbox balances and transactions from your web or mobile wallet, even if your Lockbox has been disconnected. You will also be able to generate new receiving addresses and receive funds directly to your hardware wallet.

Can I spend Lockbox funds while my Lockbox is disconnected?

No. Although you can view and monitor your Lockbox balances and transactions, you will only be able to use the funds on your Lockbox when the hardware wallet is physically connected to your computer. You will never be able to use Lockbox funds via the mobile app because there is no way to plug the hardware wallet into your mobile device.

Does this impact the security of my funds in any way?

No. As long as your Lockbox is disconnected from the computer and your device is secure, nobody can access your funds, even if your web wallet remembers your xPub. If your web or mobile wallet were to become compromised, the most you would lose from your Lockbox would be privacy: anyone who gained access to your web or mobile wallet would be able to view and monitor your balance or transactions, but they would not be able to access your Lockbox funds.

What if I don’t want my wallet to store information about my Lockbox?

You can unpair your Lockbox from your web wallet in your Lockbox settings. Once unpaired, your web wallet will not store your Lockbox xPub or any balance or transactional information.

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