Exchange Limit Amounts

Currently, we have a minimum and maximum order limit as well as a daily and annual limit for exchanges using Swap. The minimum limit is in place to make sure your exchange amount covers necessary network fees. Since fees may vary, the minimum limit will adjust accordingly. Your maximum exchange limits will depend on how you verified your identity.

We currently offer two levels of ID verification for Swap users: Silver and Gold. To learn more about how you can unlock each level, follow this link. As you can see, there are different limits associated with each level.


In addition to the above limits, we also enforce minimum and maximum exchange limits per order. These are in place to ensure smooth execution of your exchange.

  • Minimum: $1.50
  • Maximum in the US: $2,000
  • Maximum outside the US: $5,000

Note that all limits are converted to your preferred currency you’ve selected in your wallet settings.

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