What fees are applied to my Swap order?

The network fees applied to your order depend on whether you Swap to and from your wallet or your Trading Wallet. Below is a table illustrating the network fees applied to a BTC -> ETH Swap. Please note that all network fees are paid to the network miners/validators and not Blockchain.com


Network Fees

  BTC Wallet -> ETH Wallet

  BTC Network Fee & ETH Network Fee 

  BTC Wallet -> ETH Trading Wallet

  BTC Network Fee Only

  BTC Trading Wallet -> ETH Trading Wallet 

  No Network Fees

Network fees help to make sure cryptocurrency transactions confirm. These fees go to miners or network validators as a reward for validating transactions. Swap uses priority fees to ensure the fastest possible on-chain settlement. Blockchain.com has no control over the current network fees. These are dependent on conditions of the network at the time of Swapping. You can learn more about cryptocurrency network fees here.

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