Exchange Status Inquiry

To verify the status of an exchange order, click on Exchange in the left navigation menu of your Wallet, then click on the Order History tab. Here, you can view all of your In Progress and Complete orders. For each order, you’ll see the order date and time, the cryptocurrency exchange price, and the amount you received. Click View Details for more information about your order.

Your order status will be In Progress, Complete, Failed, or Expired. When an order is In Progress, this means it has started but is still pending. If an order is In Progress for over 2 hours, please contact us for a status update.

When an order is Complete, this means that your exchange was successful and your newly received funds are ready. You can view the received transaction in your transaction history.

Occasionally, an order may have the status Failed or Expired. This means the order was not successful and a new exchange order will need to be placed. Reasons exchange transactions may fail can include network congestion or traffic spikes. Please know that we have no control over cryptocurrency transaction confirmations.

If the order was not successful and we also didn’t receive the funds, it’s possible your transaction may have been rejected by the network. This means the amount you sent to exchange will be returned to your Wallet automatically. Please check your balance and transaction history to confirm the funds have been returned. If they haven’t been returned within 24 hours of the failed order, please get in touch.

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