What does my Swap order status mean?

Your Swap order status helps you track where your order is in the exchange process. Each Swap order will display a status.

Understanding your Swap order status

In Progress: You have placed a Swap order and it is currently pending.

Complete: Your Swap order is complete and new funds are now in your wallet. Transactions related to your order will be visible in your Transaction History.

Expired: Your Swap order was not successful. This could be due to network congestion, or that your transaction was rejected by the network. The funds you intended to exchange will automatically be returned to your wallet.

Failed: Your Swap order was not successful. Reasons include, but are not limited to, cryptocurrency market movements, or the order value fluctuating beyond order limits.

To learn more about Expired orders, click here. For help troubleshooting an Expired or Failed order, please contact us.

Where can I find my Swap order status?

The exact steps to view an order status are slightly different for web and mobile versions of our Wallet, so we’ll explain each of them below.

On Web

  • From the main menu, click Swap
  • Click the Order History tab
  • The Order Status for each Swap order will display on the left

On iOS

  • From the bottom menu, tap Swap
  • Tap the Swap menu in the upper right corner
  • Tap Order History
  • The Order Status for each Swap order will display on the right

On Android

  • From the top left, tap the main menu
  • Tap Swap
  • The Order Status for each Swap order will display on the right

For answers to any additional questions about Swap order statuses, please reach out. If your question is about a specific order, be sure to include your Order ID in your support request.

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