Having issues uploading an identity document? Let’s troubleshoot!

When uploading your documents, it’s important to ensure that they are visible and valid. If you’re experiencing any issues with this, please review our checklist to find out what’s stopping you from successfully uploading your ID.

Before uploading, be sure that your ID:

  • Is currently valid.
  • Is not damaged.
  • Appears well lit and does not have any glare.
  • Is in focus and fully visible.
  • Is from your country of residence.
  • Is issued by the official authority of your country.
  • Is truly yours and the photo on it corresponds to your facial check photo or video.

If you’re still unable to upload, please check that:

  • You captured the entire document in the photo and that you didn’t cut off the corners or sides.
  • You took a photo of the original document. Photos of document copies or scans will not be approved.
  • You use the Chrome browser for the most reliable performance.
  • The app and phone you’re using to take the photo doesn’t add any logos or marks to the ID.
  • You don’t obscure the information on the ID.
  • You use as plain a background as possible.
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