Resubmitting your ID

When your ID verification is Under Review, this means one of our agents is manually reviewing it. This means we may ask you to upload your documents again. If we’ve requested that you resubmit documents, please note that your verification process will not resume until the documents are submitted.

Documents may need to be resubmitted if:

  • Your selfie, video, or ID document is not fully visible or fully captured
  • ID document is damaged or not clearly visible
  • Your submission does not match the personal information provided in your application
  • ID document has expired or has invalid date

You may be asked to resubmit:

  • A picture of the front of your document
  • A picture of the back of your document
  • A picture of your passport
  • Your selfie
  • Your live video

To let you know a resubmission is necessary, we will email the address associated with your Wallet. The email contains a secure upload link to resubmit the required documents or facial check directly from your Wallet. It will also tell you what specific items you need to submit again to verify your account.

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