Keeping your recovery phrase secure

Lockbox devices are experiencing inconsistent connection with the Blockchain web wallet. Some functionality, such as setup, managing applications, and sending funds from the device is affected. Funds can still be received and are backed up by the 24-word recovery phrase. Updates will be communicated when the issue is resolved.

If anything ever happens to your Lockbox device, or if you lose or forget your PIN code, your 24-word recovery phrase is the only way to restore access to your funds. This is why it’s important to back up your Lockbox immediately during setup.

Keep in mind that, just as your recovery phrase will allow you to restore access to your funds in case you lose your PIN or device, it will allow anyone else who has your 24-words to gain access to your funds just as easily. For this reason, it is extremely important to keep your 24-word recovery phrase secret and secure.


  • Ensure your 24-word recovery phrase is obtained from your Lockbox device screen.
  • Create multiple written copies of the recovery phrase.
  • Store the copies of the recovery phrase in secure locations, out of sight and offline.


  • Enter the 24-word recovery phrase into your computer or phone.
  • Take a picture of the 24-word recovery phrase.
  • Share your recovery phrase with anyone else.
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