How to participate in the Stellar giveaway


For the first time ever, we are giving away a total of $125,000,000 to our users in the form of XLM. If you are not already a Blockchain Wallet user, you can add yourself to the waitlist to claim your free XLM at We will be giving away XLM on a first come, first rewarded basis until the XLM supply is depleted.

For waitlist participants and existing Wallet users, we’ll send you an email with instructions when it’s your turn to claim your XLM.  You’ll need to have a Blockchain Wallet to receive your funds. If you already have one - great! No need to create another. We will also require participants to verify their identity to ensure that no one is trying to claim more XLM than they are entitled to (one XLM distribution per person, unless participating in any bonus activities).

You can still use your Blockchain Wallet without verifying.

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