I have a Blockchain wallet. Why didn't I get XLM?

We are committed to getting our distribution of XLM into the wallets of as many users as possible. This article describes how you can participate in the giveaway and receive free XLM.

Please note: Due to a high volume of interest in the airdrop program, we’ve begun scaling down new applications at this time and will be prioritizing those already in the airdrop queue.

If you’ve followed the instructions and either already have a Blockchain wallet or have signed up for the waitlist and haven’t received your XLM, there are a few different things that might be going on.

1. You’ve been verified but you haven’t received XLM

If you’ve been gold verified but have not received the XLM airdrop, it’s likely that we are not serving your area at this time. The good news is, since you’re gold verified, you’ve unlocked the ability to trade up to $25,000 a day and are eligible to receive future airdrops. We are working to expand the list of supported regions for future giveaways and hope that you will participate when the time comes.

2. Your application is in review but it is not yet your turn to claim your XLM

$125,000,000 is a lot to give away, so we’re taking our time with it to ensure the giveaway is as fair, safe, and successful as possible. The giveaway happens in batches, so if you’ve already submitted your documents, your patience is much appreciated. Once you’re chosen, you will get an email prompting you to log in to your Blockchain Wallet (or sign up for a free wallet if you don't have one yet) and verify your identity to claim your XLM.

3. You haven’t verified your identity

We do ask participants in the giveaway to verify their identities to ensure that no one can take advantage of the giveaway more than once (read more about this here). You won’t be able to claim your XLM until you get verified. Please note that you must verify your identity (if you haven’t already) within a week of being chosen in the weekly batch to successfully claim XLM, so don’t put this off!

4. You don’t live in a supported region

As much as we’d love to distribute XLM to users in every country and U.S. state, we’re restricted by laws and regulations in some regions. Here’s a list of all the supported countries for the giveaway. If you don’t live in one of these countries, you won’t be able to participate in the giveaway.

5. You have multiple wallets

We don’t restrict our users to only being able to have one wallet. This can, however, create some confusion. You can only have your identity verified on one wallet, so if you have multiple it’s easy to forget which one is the eligible one for the XLM giveaway. If there’s any chance that you might have signed up for multiple wallets with the same email address, get a reminder email here to receive a list of all of your wallet identifiers.

Still need help figuring out why you haven’t received your XLM? Reach out to us here, and we’ll be happy to help!

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