How long will my Swap order take?

The table below illustrates example order times. The time it takes or an order to complete will differ depending on the Wallets you Swap to and from. Below is an example of a BTC-ETH trade with the different options that are available: 


Completion Times

BTC Wallet -> ETH Wallet

Dependent on the BTC network speed and the ETH network speed (~2 hours) 

BTC Wallet -> ETH Trading Wallet

Dependent on the BTC network speed (~ 1 hour)

BTC Trading Wallet -> ETH Trading Wallet


When using your Wallet, Swap uses priority fees to help ensure the network confirms your order as soon as possible, but network congestion may extend your order completion time. When using your Trading Wallet only, network fees and network congestion do not apply. has no control over on-chain transaction times or confirmations. If your Swap order is still in progress after 6 hours, please contact us for a status update. Please be sure to include your Order ID in your support request

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