Step 3: Storing your recovery phrase

Lockbox devices are experiencing inconsistent connection with the Blockchain web wallet. Some functionality, such as setup, managing applications, and sending funds from the device is affected. Funds can still be received and are backed up by the 24-word recovery phrase. Updates will be communicated when the issue is resolved.

You will now be prompted to set up a backup of your wallet by writing down a 24-word recovery phrase. Be careful: your recovery phrase will be displayed only once. If you ever lose your PIN code, or if something happens to your device, your recovery phrase is the only way you will be able to restore access to your funds.

  1. Take the blank Recovery Sheet supplied in the box.
  2. Write down the first word (Word #1) on the Recovery Sheet. Verify that you have copied it correctly in position 1.
  3. Press the right button to move to the second word (Word #2). Write it in position 2 on the Recovery sheet. Verify that you've copied it correctly.
  4. Repeat the process until the twenty-fourth word (Word #24). Confirm your recovery phrase will display on the screen after word 24.
  5. Select the requested word by navigating with the left or right button. Validate the word by pressing both buttons. Repeat this step for each requested word.
  6. Once you’ve successfully completed the initialization and setup, your Lockbox screen will display, Your device is now ready.

For your security:

  • Make sure you are the only person who knows or has access to your 24-word recovery phrase.
  • Remember, in the spirit of giving our users 100% control of their own funds, Blockchain does not keep a backup of your 24 words. We will not be able to recover your 24-word phrase if you lose it.
  • Never use a device supplied with a PIN code and/or a recovery phrase. Blockchain will never give out or assign PIN codes or recovery phrases.

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