What is Swap?

Swap is Blockchain.com’s in-wallet crypto-to-crypto exchange. Swap allows users to easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another without leaving their Blockchain.com Wallet. 

With Swap, you can exchange crypto in your Private Key Wallet or your Trading Account. Swapping from your Private Key Wallet provides you with the benefits of non-custodial, on-chain trade settlement. Swapping from your Trading Account provides faster settlement and no network fees. To learn more about using Swap with your Private Key Wallet or Trading Account click here

There are many great reasons our Wallet users love using Swap:

  • Quickly swap into an asset you believe will grow
  • Move out of a volatile asset into one of our stablecoins
  • Hedge against real world events.

Whatever your reason, Swap makes it easy to exchange your crypto without ever leaving your Blockchain.com Wallet.

For answers to all your Swap-related questions, click here. If you haven’t found the information you’re looking for or you need further assistance, please contact support, and our team will be happy to assist. If your question is about a specific order, please be sure to include your Order ID in your support request.

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