Buy and sell cryptocurrencies in The PIT

The PIT is our new digital asset exchange with world-class speed, reliability, and liquidity to make sure that every one of your trades is executed with the dependability you expect from Blockchain. The PIT allows for traders to exchange crypto for crypto, and in some places, lets you buy and sell crypto using fiat. Learn more about The PIT on the Support Center.

You can find out if trading in The PIT is available in your country here.

Another advantage of The PIT is it works seamlessly with your Blockchain Wallet for simple deposits and withdrawals. Once you set up your PIT account, you’ll be asked if you want to connect your wallet to The PIT. Click on Connect To Blockchain and follow the instructions to set up wallet linking. Unlike the Blockchain Wallet, The PIT is a custodial platform, so we recommend linking your wallet in order to store funds securely when not actively trading.

Please note: If you do not link your Blockchain Wallet to your PIT account during sign-up, you will not be able to do so at a later time.

You can get started in The PIT and create an account at the following link

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