I can't find funds that were sent to my wallet!

When someone sends you crypto, there are a few ways you can monitor these transactions and check that the funds have landed in your wallet. In this comprehensive guide, we explain the six steps to take if you can’t seem to find funds that were sent to your Blockchain.com Wallet.

Please make sure you have the transaction link, transaction ID, or the receiving address on hand.

1. Is the received currency supported?

    • All supported currencies and tokens are listed here. If you receive any currency that is not supported, these funds will not be accessible in your Blockchain.com Wallet. 
    • To access unsupported currencies, your 12-word backup phrase must be imported into a third party wallet that supports that currency. Your backup phrase is found in the Security section of your wallet. On mobile, tap the main menu > “Backup Funds.”
    • If you have received an unsupported ERC20 token, you will need to export your ETH private key into a third party wallet that supports that currency.

2. Is the transaction's receiving address correct?

    • Check the transaction link in your browser, or use our block explorer to look up the transaction ID or receiving address. Make sure the transaction’s receiving address matches what address you gave the sender.  
    • If the transaction’s receiving address doesn’t match the address you gave the sender, or you don’t see the transaction in the receiving address’ payment history, then the funds were not successfully sent to the correct address. Please contact the sender directly to resolve the issue, as we are unable to mediate transaction disputes between users and third parties. 

3. Do you have multiple wallets? Are you logging in to the right one?

    • When expecting a payment, it’s important to note which wallet was used to receive. Blockchain.com users can create multiple wallets, but balances and transactions are not synced across them. If you have multiple wallets, please try logging in to each wallet to find out which one received those funds.
    • If you think you may have multiple Blockchain wallets, the Wallet ID Reminder will send a record of existing wallet IDs to your email inbox. 
    • If your wallets are associated with different email addresses, please use the reminder tool for each email. If you are still unable to find your wallet(s), please open a support request
    • If you think you may have received the funds into a third party wallet, please check that wallet as well.

4. Is the transaction showing up in your transaction feed?

    • To view received transactions, select the specific currency from your wallet dashboard, then click the “Received” tab to show incoming transactions only.
    • For Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, use the dropdown to pick the sub-wallet or imported address used to receive. If unsure, select “All Wallets.”
    • On mobile, tap “Activity,” then choose the receiving currency from the dropdown. Directly below, choose the sub-wallet or imported address used to receive. If you don’t know the sub-wallet, select “All Wallets.”
    • If you don’t see the transaction in your feed, the funds may have not been sent to this wallet or the address is in an archived sub-wallet or imported address.

5. Is the receiving address in an archived sub-wallet or imported address?

    • If a sub-wallet or imported address is archived, any related transactions will not display in your transaction feed. 
    • Under “Settings” > “Wallets & Addresses,” click “Unarchive” next to any sub-wallets or imported addresses to make them visible. 
    • Mobile users can tap the main menu > “Addresses,” then tap the archived sub-wallet or imported address and tap “Unarchive.”

6. Is the receiving address a non-spendable imported address?

    • Check by going to “Settings” > “Wallets & Addresses,” then scroll down to “Imported Addresses.”
    • On mobile, tap the main menu > “Addresses.”
    • If the address is labeled as “non-spendable,” you will see the transaction in your transaction feed but it will not reflect in your balance.
    • In order to send from a non-spendable address, you will need to enter the private key.
    • Click here to learn what non-spendable means and why we are unable to locate a private key for you.

If you need further assistance on how to locate received funds, please open a support request. Be sure to include any relevant details about the issue, transaction links, and screenshots (jpg/png format only) of your transaction feed and the “Wallets & Addresses” page.

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