Buy Crypto Limits

For Buy Crypto orders, we currently have daily and weekly limits, as well as a minimum and maximum limit per order. Please note that limits may be subject to change.

The table below includes the daily and weekly limits for purchasing crypto. 

Daily Limit Weekly Limit
$25,000 $100,000

 In addition to the above limits, we also have minimum and maximum limits per bank order. Listed below, these limits are in place to ensure seamless completion of your purchase.

  • Minimum per Buy order: $5
  • Maximum per Buy order: $25,000

Please note: the nominal value of all limits, indicated here in USD, will remain the same for EUR, GBP, and other supported currencies for eligible countries. The maximum per Buy Crypto order, for instance, for a user paying in euro, is €25,000.

We also have the following limits in place for card orders per transaction:

EUR: 1200
GBP: 1200
USD: 1200
CAD: 1200

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