How can I sell crypto?

All users who are eligible for Buy Crypto can now also Sell their crypto directly from their Trading Account Balance! Users of our web wallet and Android mobile app can also sell crypto directly from their Private Key Wallet! Users can keep the funds in their USD/EUR/GBP cash wallets and use this to fund future orders. 

Users in regions in which Instant Transfers are available (currently users in supported US states) can link their bank account and withdraw their cash via Instant Transfer. Users in other supported regions can withdraw via bank transfer. Before initiating a cash withdrawal via bank transfer, users must first make a small bank transfer to their Wallet, in order to link their bank account. Once linked, cash can be withdrawn from the Wallet to the linked bank account.

Please note, we're working hard to bring more payment options and cash withdrawal availability to more regions around the world. To stay up to date on the latest news and product updates, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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