How it works Borrow gives our users the ability to borrow USD Digital (more currencies to come) from us whenever they want, using bitcoin stored in the Wallet as collateral. Here’s how it works.

To Start Borrowing:

Please note, as of February 1st 2021, we are no longer offering new Borrow loans. We will continue to support existing loans per the terms of the Interest Account and Borrow Customer Agreement.


The interest rate for your loan will be given in the loan creation form. Please note that our interest rates are subject to change.


At this time, we only accept collateral in bitcoin (BTC), to be sent from your Wallet, but we may expand this to other cryptocurrencies in the future. The transaction will be initiated automatically as soon as you confirm the loan. 

Credit score:

Most lenders will pull borrowers’ credit score reports or other reports of borrowing history, which can have a negative effect on credit scores. Borrow does not require credit, so taking out a loan with us will not affect your credit score.

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