Repaying a loan

In order to make a payment on a loan, go to the Borrow section of your wallet and select “View Details” for the loan you want to close. 

When closing out a loan, you can repay directly with USD Digital, sending us the amount you borrowed plus any interest you accrued. 

To repay a loan with USD Digital:

  1. Click on “View Details” for the loan you want to close and select the “Full repayment” option.
  2. Select the “Send USD Digital” option.
  3. Select which wallet you want to pay from (e.g. My USD Digital Wallet) or select “Send funds from external wallet.”
  4. The amount due to fully repay the loan will display at the bottom of the form. If you are repaying from an external wallet, please ensure the amount you send is exactly equal to the amount due. If you are paying from your Wallet’s USD Digital balance, the transaction will be initiated automatically.
  5. Click “Complete repayment” to close out your loan.

Please note that, if we don’t receive the full amount due in USD Digital, we will automatically repay the remaining amount with the BTC collateral.

Once you close out your loan with a full repayment, we will send back your collateral, minus any accrued interest.

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