Opening a loan

All you need to borrow USD Digital (powered by PAX) from us is to be Gold Verified and in an eligible country. In the Borrow section of your Wallet, click “Borrow USD Digital” to begin.

  1. To open a loan, input the amount of USD-D you want to borrow under “Enter loan amount.”
  2. Your details will be shown below, including your interest rate and collateral amount required. We currently are offering loans without fees. At this time, we only accept collateral in BTC from your Blockchain Wallet.
  3. Check the boxes acknowledging you have read the User Agreement and agree to the terms of the loan. Then click “Create Loan.”
  4. Your Wallet will automatically initiate the transaction that sends us your collateral. Once we receive it, we will send your USD Digital principal and it will be available to use as soon as you see it appear in your Wallet.
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