Closing a loan

To close out your loan, go to the Borrow section of your Wallet and click “View Details” for the loan you want to close. You can repay using the USD Digital that you received when you first opened the loan. Interest and fees on your loan will be deducted from the collateral you deposited at the collateral's fair market value. If you do not have the funds to pay back your loan and still want to close it, pay what you do have, and we’ll deduct the extra from your collateral at no extra cost to you.

To close out your loan:

  1. Click on “View Details” for the loan you want to close and click “End Borrowing.”
  2. Select “Complete Repayment” where you’ll see the amount that you originally borrowed and the amount of collateral that we have with us. 
  3. Click “Complete repayment” to close out your loan with USD-D and receive your collateral balance, minus necessary interest, associated fees, or difference between the amount owed and amount repaid if applicable.
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