How the Rewards Account works

We are pleased to offer the Rewards Account feature to eligible Wallet users. The Rewards Account is a crypto storage facility within your Wallet that earns rewards on the amount you transfer and store in it. It’s easy to set up - head over to our Getting Started guides to learn how to start earning rewards! Rewards will be paid before end of day on the 1st of each month.

Any funds you transfer into the Rewards Account will begin earning rewards at a compound rewards rate. When you’re done storing your crypto in the Rewards Account, you can withdraw it along with any rewards earned over that time to your Private Key Wallet or Trading Account.

We are able to offer a competitive rewards rate to users who transfer and hold crypto with us. We do this by lending crypto deposits out to selected, rigorously vetted institutional and/or sophisticated borrowers who have established track records at a slightly higher rate. This rate comprises a larger portion, which is returned to you as rewards, and a smaller amount which covers our operational costs and allows us to improve our products for our users.

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