Managing your Interest Account

You can view your Interest Account, with your overall balance, balance available to withdraw, interest rate details, and interest earned to date, by going to the Earn Interest section of your wallet (accessible from the header). Interest is earned on a daily basis and paid on the 1st of every month. There are no fees associated with having an Interest Account.

Withdrawals can be initiated at any time after the initial hold period for any amount (the total amount available to be withdrawn will be displayed in the withdrawal window. Please note, however, that withdrawals are on-chain transactions and will require a network fee to be processed. The fee will be subtracted from the amount you are withdrawing. Please note that this fee goes to the miners who confirm cryptocurrency transactions, not to

To withdraw funds from your Interest Account to your non-custodial wallet balance:

  1. Navigate to the Earn Interest page within your wallet and click on “View” for the Interest Account from which you want to withdraw funds.
  2. Click on “Withdraw.”
  3.  The total amount you can withdraw will be displayed on this screen. Input the amount you want to withdraw in the field.
  4. Click “Confirm Withdraw.” A transaction sending funds from your Interest Account to your non-custodial wallet will be initiated as soon as you confirm your withdrawal.

Please note that each transfer made into your Interest Account is subject to a 7-day initial hold period, so funds can only be withdrawn after 7 days have passed.

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