Mobile Cloud Backups

When you download or update the Wallet app (available from version 2.57.0 on iOS and version 6.36.3 on Android) and sign up or log in, your wallet is automatically backed up to your Apple iCloud or Google Drive account. This safeguards against a loss of wallet access, including if you lose your secret private key recovery phrase or switch over to a new device. 

How does it work?

When you log into your wallet, we create an encrypted backup of your wallet on your personal iCloud or Google Drive account to make recovery easier. This feature is available only on our mobile apps and is turned on by default. Check that you have device backups turned on for your device and an Apple or Google account in order to ensure that you can recover your wallet if you lose your backup phrase or device.

If you delete your wallet app or get a new device and want to regain access to your funds, all you have to do is redownload the app and input your PIN to restore your wallet.

Your Blockchain wallet backup will not change how much storage space you have remaining on your Google Drive or iCloud accounts.

The cloud restore feature only works on devices using the same operating system. Android devices only support this feature when Google Play services are enabled on your device.

How does this keep my funds secure?

All of the security features of your non-custodial wallet remain the same. The encrypted backup we create for your iCloud/Google Drive account does not provide access to your wallet to either your cloud provider (Apple or Google) or to As long as you keep your private wallet information and cloud account secure, only you can access your wallet and funds. 

Cloud backups are designed to make wallet recovery easier in the event that you switch mobile devices, delete the wallet app, or lose your wallet password and/or 12-word Secret Private Key Recovery Phrase.

Can I opt-out of backing up my wallet?

We recommend keeping cloud backups enabled to ensure you never lose access to your funds. However, if you wish to opt-out of cloud backups, you can do so within your wallet settings. 

If you opt-out of cloud backups, or if you do not have device backups enabled on your device, we strongly recommend you write down your 12-word Private Key Recovery Phrase and store it securely. cannot reset or recover wallet passwords or recovery phrases, so if you lose your wallet password and do not have your recovery phrase, your wallet and funds will be lost.

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