Withdrawing from the Trading Wallet

When you Buy Crypto in your Blockchain.com Wallet, the crypto will be held in your Trading Wallet. Your Trading Wallet balance is custodial, which means that Blockchain.com securely holds it for you.

You can keep your crypto in your Trading Wallet, sell your crypto from your Trading Wallet, or if you wish to Swap or send the crypto externally, you can withdraw it to your default non-custodial wallet balance.

To withdraw using our web wallet, click “Send” at the top of your wallet dashboard. Click on the “Currency” dropdown menu and choose the currency that was purchased. Next, click on the "From" dropdown menu and select your trading wallet. Click “Continue" to begin your withdrawal.

To withdraw from your trading wallet on mobile, navigate to your wallet’s dashboard and select the cryptocurrency that was purchased. The funds from your Blockchain.com Buy order will reflect under “Trading Wallet Balance.” Select “Send to My Wallet,” to have those funds sent to your default wallet for the currency selected.

If you haven’t made a wallet backup yet, you will be prompted to do so during your first trading wallet withdrawal. Your 12-word backup phrase will allow you to recover your funds if you ever lose access to your wallet. Learn more about backups here.

Once the withdrawal transaction has been processed, sent, and confirmed on the blockchain, the crypto should be available in your default wallet balance. From there, you can Swap it to another crypto, send it to the Exchange, or send it to any external address.

You can learn more about your Trading Wallet here.

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