What is the difference between Swapping from Private Key Wallet and my Trading Account?

Swap allows you to Swap using your Private Key Wallet and your Trading Account. For example, assuming you had BTC in your Private Key Wallet and Trading Account, the following options would be available for a BTC-ETH Swap:

 BTC Private Key Wallet -> ETH Private Key Wallet

 BTC Private Key Wallet -> ETH Trading Account

 BTC Trading Account -> ETH Trading Account 

The key difference between the two is how they send the assets for the Swap. Private Key Wallets send the Swap asset on-chain, using the asset’s blockchain, whereas the Trading Account does not. Trading Account Swaps are executed and settled custodially.

The benefits of Swapping using the Trading Account include: Reduced Network Fees, improved reliability and faster Swaps. If that is what appeals to you when Swapping, we recommend using the Trading Account for your Swaps.

On the other hand, if non-custodial, on-chain Swapping  is important to you, you can continue Swapping with your Private Key Wallet.

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