Wallet Pricing

General Pricing

Blockchain.com allows users to Buy, Sell or Swap. Applicable fees can be seen in 3 areas: The Blockchain.com Quote Price, Card Fees and Network Fees. Card and Network Fees will only apply in certain circumstances.

Blockchain.com Quote Price

For all transactions, Blockchain.com applies a spread to the open market rate to create the user’s quoted price. Please note that the spread can fluctuate between orders due to market conditions.

We will always show you the quoted price before you place the order.

Network Fees

In addition to the quoted price, if a Sell or Swap order originates from a user’s Private Key Wallet they must pay a network fee (“Miner Network Fee”) to the network’s miners to secure the transaction. Blockchain.com has no control over the fee and does not receive any proceeds.

If the token you wish to sell is an ERC-20 token, then your fee will be taken from your ETH Private Key Wallet.

We will always show you any applicable network fees before you place the order.

Card Processing Fee

For Card buys an additional 2% processing fee is applied to your order. This is made clear for all card payments before the order is placed.

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