Receiving bitcoin to a Legacy address

Many wallets and exchanges support sending to native SegWit (Bech32) addresses. However, you may occasionally wish to send bitcoin from a platform that does not yet support sending to native SegWit addresses. For such cases, the Wallet offers you the option to receive to a Legacy address instead of a native SegWit address. This option is currently available in the web wallet, but it is coming soon to the Android and iOS mobile apps.

To generate a Legacy address:

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of your wallet to open the Settings menu

  2. Select ‘Wallets & Addresses’

  3. Click ‘Manage’ to the right of the Private Key Wallet to which you would like to receive

  4. Select ‘Legacy’

  5. Click ‘Add Next Address’

  6. A new Legacy address will now be displayed under ‘Unused Addresses.’ Copy this address and provide it to the sender or input it on the platform from which you are withdrawing

Don't worry if you don't see SegWit in your Wallet yet. We're gradually rolling it out to all of our users. So, keep an eye on your Wallet and you will see SegWit soon!

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