Stellar memos

What is a memo?

A memo is a message included with a transaction. This feature of Stellar allows users to communicate with each other on the global public ledger. The Wallet supports two types of memos:

  • Text (for including a message of up to 28 bytes with your transaction)
  • Memo ID (for the receiving party to be able to identify the sending party)

Why do I need to include a memo with my transaction?

Exchanges often require users to include memos with their deposits. This is because exchanges usually only use one or a few accounts for receiving deposits, and they need a way to distinguish one user’s deposit from another. Not including a memo in such cases may result in lost funds. If you are sending funds to an exchange outside the Wallet, be sure to check whether the exchange requires you to include a memo. If so, the exchange will provide it.

How do I include a memo?

When you go to send XLM, there will be an option in the send screen to include a memo. Make sure to choose which type of memo you’re sending (text or ID). Once your transaction has been broadcast, you can view all of the details (including your memo) in your Stellar transaction history.

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