Trading Wallet Withdrawal Holds

If you recently bought crypto, your purchase may be subject to a holding period of up to 3 days. During this time, you will still be able to use your recently purchased funds to:

  • Sell your crypto into cash (GBP, EUR or USD wallet)
  • Use that cash to fund additional orders 
  • Swap from one crypto to another in your Trading Wallet

However, these funds will not be available to withdraw from your cash (GBP, EUR, or USD) wallet or send to your non-custodial Wallet or external address.

When are holds applied?

If you purchased crypto via card or if we detect security issues or abnormal activity on your account, we may place up to a 3-day holding period on your recent crypto purchase for security purposes. For credit card orders, this is done to give the funds time to clear so that we can accept more card payments and serve more customers. Rest assured, your purchase went through and your funds will be available for withdrawal as soon as the holding period is up!

Can I expedite my withdrawal?

At this time we don’t have any way for you to speed up your withdrawal or cut down on the holding period. As we improve our products and security we hope to make it possible for most customers to have more seamless experiences with the product.

For now, though, we’ve implemented a hold period of up to 3 days, that is designed to protect you, your funds, and our funds from fraud. It’s a common practice in the digital asset space, but one that makes security a top priority. You will receive an email from us on completion of the holding period.

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